Our purpose

OSACA was created in 2009 to weave a community tapestry of people, activities and events related to the South Asian community in the province of Ontario, with a focus on the National Capital Region. The objects of its incorporation include:

1.  Pursuing interests in the civic, social and economic welfare of the South Asian community in Ontario.

2. Promoting South Asian health, education, athletics and sports, arts and culture, recreation, civic emergency, social service and other community endeavours, and public appreciation and interest therein.

3. Organising and sponsoring cultural, educational, sporting, and recreational events including festivals, forums and conventions for the promotion of people of South Asian origin.

4. Promoting public interest in the culture and history of South Asia and to encourage research and education therein.

5. Fostering community spirit, diversity, peace, and mutual understanding among Canadians of different cultural backgrounds by seeking to include and engage the larger community in events and provide a forum for the gathering, discussion and exchange of ideas and information.

6. Uniting all persons interested in good fellowship, mutual understanding, and the establishment of peace in the South Asian region.

7.  Such other complementary purposes and activities not inconsistent with these objects.

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OSACA membership has its privileges. It brings you a network of local connections, access to local events as well as airtime on Radio Huns to promote your own events, community clubs and businesses. To help alleviate the economic effects of the Covid situation, OSACA is assisting business by co-sponsoring advertising on Radio Huns. See the section on Huns Club for more info. Membership is free for individuals and businesses.

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